CRMNIGERIA Training Institute

CRMNIGERIA Training Institute

Welcome to our Training Services page, here you will learn about our different courses for individuals and corporate organizations. We provision training on as needed basis at our headquarters and on client sites.
Individual Training
We take care of your needs on individual basis, this is because we regard each individual as unique and as such we have different needs. When you signed on to any of our classes, you get the chance to have one-on-one career advice session with our experienced instructors whom over the years have acquired industry knowledge and experience to guide you right in your career decisions. This is an invaluable support and a rare opportunity to have sneak preview of what is going on around you as regard your chosen path.

Our classes are highly interactive and you are encouraged to come along with questions and puzzled exercises which you may find tasking while trying to solve them on your own. Our courseware comprises of hands on lab exercises that are graded to measure how you have received the instructions given in the classes. In addition to this, you will also get a hard copy of the recommended textbook to supplements the notes given to you in the class. Give us a call today or send us an email using the Quick Contact form on the right pane.
Corporate Training
We pride ourselves in what we do best, CRMNIGERIA is a reliable name when it comes to providing in-house training for your staff on your premises. We have professionals working in the field and over the years we have acquired experiences which shape our training delivery methods. We have all it takes to educate and help your employees achieve their potentials while giving you good returns on your investments in them.

Our training is highly interactive with loads of hands on exercises. Your employees will have the opportunity of working on a virtualized environment that mirrors your production environment. We build confidence into your staff and they can hit the ground running after attending our classes.



Cisco Training

In the last few years, networking has become one of the fastest growing career in the ICT industry. Today there is virtually no sector of our economy that does not rely on the services of networking professional either direcly or indirectly. As a result of this assertion, having a good knowledge of networking and internetworking will be a great enhancement to an individual’s qualification profile.
Cisco is an household name in the networking industry and having CCNA qualification validates one’s ability to function in a Small to medium size Office or Home environment and creates the foundation level on which one could build on in order to pursue more specialized training in the exciting networking industry.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching
The CCNA course covers the foundation requirements for would be certified networking engineers. At CRMNIGERIA, this course is designed to introduce trainees having zero networking experience to those with casual experience and bringing them up to speed and ready for certification in the shortest possible time. Our curriculum includes lab exercises that feature updated Cisco lab equipment and IOS, a SOHO and Small Enterprise Network build up, configuration and troubleshooting exercises and wireless concepts, all bundled together to help our trainees lock in the information received while attending the training classes and master Cisco objectives for this certification. At the end of the course, our trainees will be proficient in their abilities to deploy and support network installations and gain hands-on experience that will be invaluable to the networking career.



Basic computer operation skills, ability to navigate files systems on windows or Linux systems, access to the internet, proficiency with any office suites (advantageous but not essential) and passion for success.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Security
This Cisco certification track is meant for network engineers whose job role focuses on securing network infrastructure. Our curriculum covers the core security technologies, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the deployed devices in service. CCNA Security centers on maintaining integrity, availability and confidentiality of data and devices used in a given network. Holders of this certification will have insightful knowledge of security technologies and the ability to develop security policies and mitigate security risks at an associate level.
Prerequisite: valid CCNA certification.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Voice
CCNA Voice is an associate level certification from Cisco that focuses on knowledge and skills required to administer a voice network. Our curriculum for this certification track covers VoIP technologies such as IP PBX, IP Telephony, call control and voicemail solutions as outlined by the Cisco objectives for this track. Passing this certification validates your knowledge and skills related to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This technology finds applications in large organizations such as a big enterprise, governments, colleges and universities.
Prerequisite: valid CCNA certification.

Oracle DB Training

Oracle Certified Associate 11g Database Administrator
Oracle Database technology is used by the world’s leading organizations to manage their systems, processes and some critical business functions. This particular certification track, validates a candidate’s skills in keeping an Oracle database environment running in production. Our curriculum covers the objectives for this certification as outlined on Oracle website. Earning this certification entitles the holder to function as a junior team member with database administrators or application developers.
Oracle Certified Professional 11g Database Administrator
Having an OCP qualification opens the door opportunities for an individual with an Oracle Database Administrator associate certification. Consolidating this position with a professional qualification broadens your knowledge and skills by giving you exposure to a wider array of important database features, functions and tasks. You will become an authority in your field and organizations will rely on your expertise for the smooth running of their operations. This also gives you the privilege of being among the elites when it comes to Oracle database technologies.
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